Minecraft EDU

Articles and Videos:

Edutopia – Using Minecraft as an Educational Tool (video)

MinecraftEdu is coming to a school near you! (video)

Student Work Sample – 2nd Graders build a hotel (video)

Student Work Samples, New York City Schools (video)


Basics and Tutorials:

Intro Video – Minecraft Short and Sweet (youtube)

Minecraft EDU Controls (pdf)

Basic Crafting Recipes (pdf)

Farming guide (pdf)

Smelting guide (pdf)



Minecraft Wiki

Minecraft in Education – Scoop It article

Teaching with Games: GLPC Case Study

MinecraftEDU World Library

MinecraftEDU Wiki

Gaming can make a better world – TED talks (video)


What do we do in MinecraftEDU? 

May 2016 – MinecraftEDU projects TBD!

March/April – No MinecraftEDU. Consumerism/Economics unit.

February 2016 – Students in grades 2 – 5 work in small groups to develop project ideas that connect to classroom instruction. Teamwork, and creativity will be a focus.

January 2016 – MinecraftEDU arrived at Yealey Elementary! Students in grades 2 – 5 started working with Minecraft in a tutorial world. The goal was to give students the opportunity to master the controls and basics before beginning educational activities.