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January 2020 – students will be using the language Blockly (java script) to learn how to write a program using code. Be sure to check out my CODE tab at the left to try one of these activities with your child!

Kindergarten students are learning about usernames and passwords. They are learning to use their own unique username and password to log in to the computers in the lab.

All students are working on keyboarding skills! Be sure to encourage your child to practice good keyboarding technique with fingers on the home row keys as much as possible. Visit my Links and Resources tab for typing activities.

Hope your new year is off to a terrific start! 🙂 Mrs. Ashcraft

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What is ATLAS class? ATLAS stands for Applied Science, Technology, Language and Social Sciences. Topics covered in this K – 5 class include: ISTE (Technology/Computer Science) standards, career, and consumerism/economics.

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5th Grade Families – be sure to visit the TREMONT page! This will be the best resource for information, deadlines, and forms to prepare for our upcoming trip in April!

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